Administration Console

Administration screen

Administration screen


The screens described below are restricted to users with administrator profile.

Users with other profiles can not access it, whether display or access rights are granted or not.

Administration console allows to execute administration tasks on application.

Background tasks

the CRON

The CRON program starts and stops background jobs that process and periodically check indicators to generate the corresponding alerts, warnings or even automatic imports if necessary.

This program automatically runs scripts, commands, or software at a specified date and time, or a pre-defined cycle.

Background tasks in Admin

Background tasks is running in Administration console

You can activate or deactivate CRON directly from the info bar. See: The CRON button

CRON Button

CRON activation button

The history

Most manipulations and modifications are recorded in the history, such as validated and assigned dates, information on assignments to projects, assignments to activities, durations, but also all personalization information.

The history will not trace the creation and configuration of indicators, connection audits or the entry of work (imputation sheet).

On the other hand, in the case where the entry of the work leads to modifications on elements such as dates, durations… then this information will be well updated.

History of a project

Project’s history

Internal alert

Allows to send an internal alert to users. It’s a background task.

Internal Alert

Internal Alert

Internal alerts can be sent to users.

You can define a date and time for sending, specific adressees or all users, the type of message that users will receive: information, an alert or a warning …

This can be a good step to warn users before a temporary shutdown of ProjeQtOr for update for example.

An internal alert can be sent by the administrator or by monitoring indicators.

By the administrator

The administrator can send internal alert by administration console.

The message will be received by user via message pop-up.

Monitoring indicators

Monitoring indicators send only warning and alert message.

The message contains information that explains the alert:

  • Item id and type.

  • Indicator description.

  • Target value.

  • Alert or warning value.

The indicators are defined in Indicators screen .

Manage connections

Manage connections

Manage connections

Allows to force disconnection of active users and close the application for new connections.

Disconnect all users

  • The button Disconnect all users allows to disconnect all connected users except your own connection.

  • The application status is displayed below.

  • Disconnection will be effective for each user when his browser will ckeck for alerts to be displayed.

  • The delay for the effective disconnection of users will depend on the parameter “delay (in second) to check alerts” in Global parameters screen.

Open/Close application

  • The button Open/Close application

  • Allows to open and close application.

  • When the application is closed the message below will appear on login screen.

Consistency check

constancy check

consistency check

Consistency check

  • on the WBS sequence search for duplicates, sequence holes, incorrect order

  • on the presence of one and only one line of “PlanningElement” for the planifiable elements

  • on the consolidation of ticket work

  • on consolidation of work on activities

  • on assignments

  • This feature available automatically corrects detected issues

Maintenance of Data

The administrator has the possibility to:

Maintenance of datas

Maintenance of datas

  • Close and delete sent emails and alerts.

  • Delete history of connections.

  • Updating references for any kind of element.

You can automate these cleanings by activating them using the corresponding buttons.

Log files maintenance

Log files maintenance

Log files maintenance

The administrator has the possibility to choose the level of the log files among debug, trace, script and errors.

  • delete files on a given number of days.

  • Show the list of logs

  • Show the last logs list.

Log files maintenance

Log files list