The client is the entity for which the project is set.

It is generally the owner of the project, and in many cases it is the payer.

It can be an internal entity, into the same enterprise, or a different enterprise, or the entity of an enterprise.

The client defined here is not a person. Real persons into a client entity are called “Contacts”.

Clients screen

Clients screen

Section Description

Required field Required File legend




Unique Id for the client.

Required File client name

Short name of the client.

Required File Type of client

Type of client.

Client code

Code of the client.

Payment deadline

The payment deadline is stated on the bill for this client.


Tax rates that are applied to bill amounts for this client.

Tax number

Tax reference number, to be displayed on the bill.


Flag to indicate that the client is archived.


Complete description of the client.

Address section

Full address of the client.

Projects section

List of projects related to the client.

Contacts section

Displays the names of client-related contacts.

Contacts section

Contacts section

You can create the contacts directly on the contact screen.

But you can create the contacts directly into the contact section

  • Click on Add to create the contact

  • Click on Delete to delete the contact

When you want to add a contact, the window with the existing list of clients is displayed.

You can select or create a contact from this window, the information will be reflected directly in the contact screen.

Client quotation, client commands list and client bill list

These sections allow you to have a summary of the various financial documents concerning the client selected.

You find the list of quotes, orders and invoices of this client in tables for easy reading

financial monitoring sections

Financial monitoring sections

List of tickets

This section allows you to see all open tickets for the selected client.

List of tickets for this client

List of tickets for this client


To display these sections, you must set the options “list quotes, commands and bills on client form” on yes in the global parameters but also in the user parameters.

See: Global Parameters See: Users Parameters


Contacts screen

Contacts screen

A contact is a person in a business relationship with the company.

The company keeps all information data to be able to contact him when needed.

A contact can be a person in the client organization.

A contact can be the contact person for contracts, sales and billing.

See: Ressource Contact User

Section Allocations to project

Allows to allocate your contact to a project

see: Allocations

Section List of subscription for this contact

You can see the items followed by your contact in this section

list of elements followed by your contact

list of elements followed by your contact

Section Miscellanous

if the box is checked, the contact will not receive the mails sent to the team