Allows to display planned task to a resource on a calendar view.

This view can be monthly, weekly or daily.

Just click on any task to access directly.

You can show activity without workload on diary screen.


On mouse over the task, you can see a short information about the task.

Meetings are sorted in chronological order within the day.

Calendar selector

Diary calendar selector

Diary calendar selector

One 1st day

Displays a specific date or date.

The first day of the week or month is displayed according to the selected view.

Two Resource

Allows to select the resource calendar.

Three Select item to display on the liste

Allows you to display only certain items on the calendar like activities, meetings, actions, tickets…


Four Show done items & Show closed items

Allows to display or not the done and closed items.

Five and Six Top buttons and Left side buttons

Allows to change current month, week, or day.

Click on Arrow right to go to week display mode.

Click on Arrow left to return to the last display mode.

Seven Day number button

Click on the day number button to go day display mode.


Eight Task / Activity / Tickets/ Leaves

Each item the resource is assigned to is displayed in its log.

All types of holidays and deliveries are also displayed.

The color that appears on the objects are those of the project to which they are attached.