Management of organizations

  • Management of organizations allows to edit the structure of the company in the frame of organizations (Departments, Units, Location, …)

  • The organization summarizes the data of the projects in progress for the organization.

Depending on the profile, you can limit the visibility of resources to people in the same organization or team as the current user.

Organization global view

Organization global view

Section Description

Required fields Required File legend




Unique Id for the Organization.

Required File Name

Short name of the Organization.

Required File Organization type

Type of organization.


Manager of organization.


list of parents organizations.

Parent organization

parent organization.

Display the structure

Displays the structure of the selected organization in a popup.

Show idle organization

Show closed organizations in the structure display.


Box checked indicates the organization is archived.

Closed dates

Displays the closing date and time of the organization.


Description of the organization

Display the structure

Click on the button to open a pop-up which will display in a more graphic way the structure of the organization you have selected.

structure display

Structure display

Project Synthesis

Project synthesis

Project financial synthesis

This section displays a summary of the costs recorded on the projects related to the selected organization.

Projects of organization and its sub-organizations

list of projects and its sub-projects

list of projects and its sub-projects

In this section you will find the list of projects and sub-projects linked to the selected organization.

A button allows you to display or hide closed organizations.

Linked resources

This section allows you to see the resources attached to the selected organization.

  • Click on Add to add a new resource in the organization

  • Click on Delete to delete a resource of the organization

  • Click the allocate all organization members to a project button to assign all of an organization’s resources to a project.

  • The project assignment pop-up opens and allows you to choose your resources.

See: Allocations section

Linked elements

This section allow you to linked any element of ProjeQtOr to the selected organization.

See: Linked Elements section


This section allows you to attach elements external to the selected organization. Whether documents or url addresses.

See: Attachments section


This section allows you to add notes on elements linked to the selected organization

See: Notes section