Requirements dashboard¶

Allows user to have a requirement global view of his projects.

Shows several small reports, listing the number of requirements by item.

Filters are available to limit scope.

Requirement dashboard screen

Direct access to the list of requirements

  • In reports, click on an item to get list of requirement corresponding to this item.


  • Click on Parameter to access parameters.


For Synthesis by status, filter clauses are not applicable.

Dialog box - Ticket dashboard parameters
  • Allows to define reports displayed on the screen.

  • Allows to reorder reports displayed with drag & drop feature.

  • Using the selector area button Drag.

Scope filters

  • Filters allow you to restrict the display of saved requirements.

  • By status, period, duration, closed element, linked to the user or no related…

No resolution scheduled

  • Unscheduled: Requirements whose resolution is not scheduled in a next product version (target product version not set).