Activity Stream

The Activity stream allows you to display certain information about each of the elements of ProjeQtOr.

It is a kind of light history which allows you to quickly see the information of creation, deletion, changes of state of the element or the comments left by users according to their right of visibility.

Task list zone

Task list zone v9

The screen dedicated to the Activity Stream allows you to view all the feeds.

Filter system

Filter system

Filter system

This filter allows you to restrict the display by …

  • Type of element

  • Its id

  • Author

  • Team

  • Periods

  • Show the closed items

  • Show only notes

You can also select the amount of information to display and restrict the list to the screen.

Elements displayed

We can see on this summary several elements:

  • The element and its ID

  • The name given to this element

  • The creator of change

  • The operation that was performed

  • The date and the hour of the change

  • Any notes related to the item

  • Emails sent for the element with the object and text of the message.

Activity stream line

Activity stream line

The impacted elements are all clickable.


In the case of notes, the comment is displayed alone.

You can view notes in discussion mode if you filter the stream activity screen by author.

This allows you to escalate an entire discussion.

Activity Stream on element screen

You can view the Activity Stream for each element on the screen of the latter.

Activity stream on the screen of a ticket element

Activity stream on the screen of a Project element

The items displayed depend on your visibility rights.

Activity stream zone

  • Click on Show Activity Stream to display the Activity stream zone.

  • Click on Hide Activity Stream to hide it.

  • Click on Left zone Activity Stream to choose the location of the zone on the left of the page

  • Click on Bottom zone Activity Stream to choose the location of the zone at the bottom of the page

Activity stream information

Activity stream details

Activity stream details

In the activity stream area you can view the same information as on the dedicated screen.

  • The author of the information relayed with his profile icon

  • The type of information displayed: creation, deletion, change of state or comments

  • The date and time of the modification

    Icon for type of information

    • Message Activity Stream Note/Comment

    • Add Creation

    • Changed Status Change of state

    • email Mail sending

Add a note

You can add a note simply by clicking in the text box at the bottom of the activity stream area.

By default, your note is visible to all users assigned to the project linked to the item.

  • Click on Public Share to make your note private

  • Click on Privacy to share it in public (project team: resources allocated to the project)

  • Click on Team to share the note only with your team

Show/Hide notes

Likewise, it is possible to view the notes directly by using the following buttons

  • Click on Button Collapse close to hide note comment.

  • Click on Button Collapse open to display note comment.

By default, you will see all visible notes for each item.

  • Click on Show only notes on activity feed to display only notes type information.

Global view

Global View Screen

Global view screen

The “Global view” screen lists all the main objects created during a project. This allows you to quickly search through all types of items available.

You can also choose to display only certain items through the list to display

display items

Display one or more items