User parameters

The User Settings screen allows you to configure personal settings, that is, for your personal session.

The parameters are organized by tab.

You can access the user parameters by going through the Configuration menu or through the connection window.

See: Menu session


User parameters are efficient even without saving.

Saving parameters will retrieve the selected parameters on each connection.

Tab Display

Generic display parameter for user. Choose your theme - Language or size of icons…

Allows you to define the display of some elements of the interface like the history, the checklists, the closed elements or the style of the notes

or choose default behaviors like closing the page or flipping mode.

Display Parameters section

Display Parameters

A color system for color blind people can be obtained on the planning view to modify the gantt bars and adapt them for this handicap.

Blind color Gantt view

Blind color Gantt view

See: Detail’s bars Gantt

Tab Export

In this section, you define some simple export or print settings.

Tab Automation

Default selected project and choice of character (Set to “none” to get a flat list) used to indent lists of projects, to represent the WBS structure of projects and sub-project.

Automation section

Automation tab

you can also see all the items you are registered for tracking and delete them from this window.

Tab Profile

A photo can be defined for a user, a resource and a contact.

It is a visual identification associated with the name.

To default, the first letter of the name appear as long as you don’t add photo.

Photo management

Browse your pc to find an image that suits you or drag and drop in the area indicated and validate.

  • Click on Add or photo frame to add an image file. To complete instruction (see: Attachment file).

  • Click on Delete to remove the image.

  • Click on the image to display the photo in its original format.


Section Password

Click on Change Password to set a new one.